TEFAF 2018 is great again!

TEFAF, art and elegance in Maastricht

Last weekend team HashtagMaastricht got invited to visit the MECC for TEFAF 2018, and although we  appreciate the arts in general, we were mesmerized yet again by all the grandeur and beauty we saw during this edition of the European Fine Art Fair. Just as last year we were already very taken by the entrance hall of this arts event, because in the lobby there are hundreds, if not thousands of small vases, strategically hanging from the ceiling, altogether creating interesting shapes and forms. We made at least as many pictures of these vases as there were vases hanging from the actual ceiling. TEFAF 2018 has a truly magnificent entrance hall, setting the tone for what can be seen on the floors of the actual event.

TEFAF – From cold event venue to international arts gallery

For those among us who have already visited the MECC during other events might remember how huge and cold this venue can be, but when you enter this very same place during TEFAF it seems like you have entered the greatest art gallery of the world, with the allure of the Parisian Musée d’Orsay and the grandeur of the Amsterdam National Museum; the sense of wanting to exuberate luxury and perfection can be seen in every strategically placed temporary wall, pillar and plinth. As a visitor of TEFAF you imagine yourself to be in a museum, but in a museum where you can buy all that is presented to you.

All countries and eras are represented during TEFAF

Many people see TEFAF as a meeting-point for the happy few to buy as much expensive wall decorations as they possibly can, but TEFAF is much more than just that, it is a homage to art from different countries and eras, and that is why there is something to enjoy for everyone at TEFAF, and apart from that, you get the chance to get really up-close and personal with all the art pieces. How many times can one say that they have been really close to a van Gogh, Chagall or Warhol; that would actually be close to never. After 31 editions of TEFAF it has not lost any of its flair and impact, and we would like to state that once more, “TEFAF is an annual happening that we need to honor in Maastricht”. TEFAF exposes its visitors to an unprecedented level of culture, and it would be the greatest thing if TEFAF could keep on doing this for a long, long time. Keep on doing what you do, organization of TEFAF, because it makes Maastricht just that much more internationally relevant.

Favorite galleries during TEFAF 2018

It is one cultural surprise after the other for the visitors of TEFAF, but we were pleasantly surprised by two stands this year, Galerie Flore and Gallery James Butterwick.

Galery Flore Brussels (stand 237)

Walking through the aisles of mesmerizing art during TEFAF we were attracted by the works of artist duo Todd and Fitch, displayed by Galerie Flore, based in the Belgian capital of Brussels. The artwork we saw was an interesting almost floating shape that consisted out of small colorful ovals placed on a white backdrop. This artwork had lights behind it which lit the artwork from behind. We took an epic number of pictures from this art piece, because we were just so taken by it.
At the same stand we saw a piece by artist Ian Davenport; this artwork was also very bright and colorful, but consisted out of multiple lines that were dripping down from the painting, these lines all mixed at the bottom of this art piece, like a mixture of paint just before the colors blend.

We also would like to mention that we were informed very thoroughly about the art pieces by one of the hosts of Galerie Flore, this was much appreciated.

Gallery James Butterwick London (stand 725)

We were also quite taken by the works of Boris Kosarev in the stand of Gallery James Butterwick London. Not only were the paintings and photographs of Boris Kosarev full of color and brightness, they also had interesting shapes and sizes. Kosarev has been not that well-known worldwide up to now, but there has been a shift, and now this Ukranian avant-garde painter is becoming increasingly popular. The paintings and tiny framed photos of Kosarev are well-appreciated by art enthusiasts who like a splash of color, but also recognizable shapes and forms.

Can it be TEFAF all year long?

As said before, we had a great day at TEFAF 2018, because TEFAF is all about soaking yourself in luxury, class, style and culture, with just a dash of prestige and bravado, but always with the utmost love and respect for art. Team HashtagMaastricht can’t hardly wait for the next annual edition of TEFAF.

TEFAF 2018 can be visited until March 18 2018. For more information, you can visit the official website of TEFAF, https://www.tefaf.com/home.

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